Visioning is a technique used to support a group of stakeholders to develop a shared vision of the future, specifically the vision will be for the desired future city. In this case the county government of Kisumu and the partners incollaboration with the people of Kisumu city form the stakeholders and thus can give input in regards to the city.

Constructing a vision like what Kisumu city is undertaking involves using appraisals by all stakeholders this includes where the city is now and where they envision the city will be realistically be in the future, that is 2040.

Visioning helps to create a strong and compelling statement about what the city aspires to be in the long-term future. It also draws ideas and opinions of how the shape of the city will become in that very future. Visioning also looks at all aspects of such an undertaking and the growth of the city in the future.

A vision is a mental picture of the ideal future city, which is shared by the community, private sector, civil society, political leadership, the State and its
agencies. This is the driving force behind any changes and this helps in showing what the outcome will and what is expected throughout the process.

Kisumu City Vision

Let us build Kisumu City
the sunset city