Improve Kisumu Urban Food SystemHow to provide good access to local food for all?A food system gathers all the elements (environment, people, inputs, processes, infrastructures, institutions, etc.) and activities that relate to the production, processing, distribution, preparation, and consumption of food, and the outputs of these activities, including socioeconomic and environmental outcomes.
Develop the conectivity hubKisumu is historically a logistical hub with an advantageous geographical position and facilities. Connectivity refers to the interconnections of the city with its territory at different scales, including physical (infrastructure, transport services), non-physical (ICT coverage; political links and partnerships) and governance aspects.
Create a knowledge and cultural clusterPrioritizing investments in human capital (especially a qualitative education) contributes to the eradication of poverty by improving people’s life and understanding of their environment, income distribution and securing social and economic progress.

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Kisumu City in 2040

Kisumu 2040

Starting from the statements emerging from the urban diagnosis of Kisumu,
projecting axis have been identified to guide the visioning process.

Include food in urban planning

Infrastructures and governance

Facilities and networks

Identify, prioritize and incentivize

A sustainable exploitation and management of water resources

Those orientations need to be nourish with the consultation and workshops
with stakeholders to take into account all considerations.

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Let us create the sunset city to the city we want.

Kisumu City Plan

Following both international guidelines and Kisumu territorial dynamics, the
goal is to make Kisumu an inclusive city, promoting the optimal development of
Kisumu human capital and ensures the respect of human dignity and equality
with participatory planning and decision-making).

Protect and economically valorise the existing natural sites

Governance, accountability and management

Control and regulation

A competitive city, facilitating Kisumu firms and industries to create jobs, raise
productivity and increase the incomes of citizens over time, improving the quality of life, government responsiveness, infrastructure, human resource
development,and a boosting local economy) ; and a green city, placing environment sustainability at the core of the urban planning process; promote the Blue Economy and Circular Economy approach)- this implies city resilience and urban management capacities.

Kisumu City

Let us make sunset city great.

We are ready to make Kisumu City Great

The following are challenges that are facing Kisumu today.

A weak economic basis.

Inadequate urban management.

Endangered natural resources.

A fragmented territory to be redesigned

Alarming social vulnerability.

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